About Notification

At Notification we strive to bring interactivity to websites. We do this by providing easy to use plug and play tools that are focused on strengthening customer touch points and growing conversions. We offer Software as a Service because we believe the best solutions should be easy to manage, fully controllable, and usable with all sites.


Notification Pop-Up Marketing Prompts

Our technology is built by digital marketers for digital marketers so we strive try to make busy lives simpler by providing easy to use solutions that solve an array of marketing challenges. Notification marketing tools plug into websites in minutes (sometimes even seconds) no matter if you build with; Shopify, WiX, WordPress, Drupal, Silverstripe or your own custom solution.

Notification is intuitive and supported by FAQs and our friendly customer success team. We also offer custom enterprise solutions to meet more complex desires and requirements.


Our Values Define Our Work

Our core values define our relationships and our technology to ensure we collectively enjoy every day.